About the Grok Shop

Its probably best to get the meaning of “grok” out of the way first. So, to grok something is to “get it”, and I might add.. to get it in a satisfying, even enjoyable way. It also ties into effective communication. Google tells me:

I am a professional software engineer, having worked in the corporate world for many moons. In that world, you pretty much are “groking” new stuff everyday, or else you’re toast.

Well it turns out that this idea of groking can be applied to any endeavor, really. I am much more than my professional self, and so I am taking this idea of groking stuff to the “real” world. Only, now I am not just groking stuff myself, I want to help others grok the same stuff. This forces me to grow even more, so as to become a more effective communicator.

So, welcome to the Grok Shop! Here I will use vlogs and blogs to distill and coalesce information that I have gained across a wide range of technical topics, and offer it up for any who want it. I hope this makes the world a little better. A little easier. A little funner. I welcome any and all feedback.