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How To Make a Website: A Blog in 10 minutes for $5/month

How To Make a Website: A Blog in 10 minutes for $5/month

A blog is created with hosting on a Linode virtual private server (VPS) in less than 10 minutes. I show how to create a website which includes: A “one-click” VPS+Wordpress setup, attaching the domain name to the IP & setting up free https (SSL) using Certbot (letsencrypt). I teach by example: I set up my very own site for This is my first experience with WordPress or, however I have many years of professional website development experience & know how to make a website in many different ways. This solution is “unmanaged”, so basically that means – they won’t hold your hand much or at all. But, its also generally cheaper than a manged solution. If you need any help, just ask!

Linode sign-up link:

The above link redirects to:

Linode Doc on One-Click WordPress Deployment:

Linode Doc on Certbot deployment:


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